Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Anti-Versary

Happy Hubby and are nearing our one-year wedding anniversary. Awwww! So wonderful for us!

I am vewwwwwy sneaky
 We will not be in the same state on this most magical of days. He will be drinking a mint julep in the Palmetto State and I will be slaving away in the Copper State (yes, Arizona is actually the Copper State, not the Grand Canyon State, though it certainly has both). Since Tuesday, April 19th, we have been wishing each other a Happy AntiVersary. Clever, I know ;) Tuesday night we dined on Domino's Pizza and feasted on year-old wedding cake. There was NO WAY I was eating one year and even one day old wedding cake!

Both of us were stunned that the frosting tasted so fresh. The gorgeous mocha cake was a little spongy once it thawed from the freezer, but we each ate a piece.

Happy AntiVersary, love of my life! I really, really cannot wait for our second anniversary so we can celebrate it together!

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