Friday, December 2, 2011

Chicago Suburb Shower

On November 4th, Hubster and I boarded our flight from GSP (that tiny airport that I adore just 10 minutes from our house) to Midway (that giant airport in Chicago in a sketchy part of town wo hours from in-laws' house).

Our hour and a half flight made stupendous that pregnancy is considered a "temporary disability" by Southwest Airlines. Baby Bump was jumping with excitement as hubs and I preboarded the little plane nabbing the very first seats so we would also be the very first to exit. Suh-Weet!

I scooted to bed early, because that's how I roll - deep sleepin' on my side y'all and awoke the next morning to my in-laws house completely decked out in safari animals and yellow and green streamers. My cup runneth over with joy. Our Illinois and Chicago family and friends came in droves to celebrate the first grandchild of Hubster's parents.

I have said it before, this family can throw a party! We played several games, my favorite centered around baby food. Always a delight! I sat blindfolded as I fed jar after jar of some pretty goopy food to Shawn. Let's just say that, we know who will definitely NOT be taste testing Henry's strained peas when that day comes. He gagged on the pureed bananas, begging to know what it was claiming that I was feeding him mustard. I told him to suck it up, when he tried to quit after the first bite.Gordon Ramsey would not be amused. Older brother Jamie rocked that game out of the living room! He downed 6 jars (Shawn couldn't even compete, eating nearly 3 jars). Bravo almost-uncle-Jamie!

We were not just showered with gifts, we were drenched in them! Good thing we brought an empty suitcase stuffed with empty carry-on bag. One whole suitcase was stuffed with diapers, crib and stroller toys, tiny little clothes, bath tub toys and thermometers, ointments and creams, brushes and clippers and combs, about 100 bibs, spoons and bottle brushes, a cart cover, blankies, pacifiers and so much more! Bursting at the seams with Henry's goodies.

Wish I had a photo of me carrying the diaper cake that cousin Jackie and Kelsi made, too! Waddling around the airport with a big ol' diaper cake balancing on my ginormous belly must have been a sight to be seen. A glorious hour and a half later we came home, picked up the pooch from the Pet Hotel, and watched hours of DVR'd delights.

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