Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting Ready for Baby - The List

35 Weeks at 9pm

Yikes! I am going to be a mother - not a babysitter, an aunt, a cousin, a friend, a teacher, a real mommy with very real responsibilities. With a measly five weeks before my due date, I have decided to really buckle down and get a few necessities complete. I was born six weeks premature, and if Henry likes to be early like I do... it is best to be prepared.

  1. Get a pediatrician. Easiest thing on the list. Called the dr. who told me that when we are at the hospital and are asked, "who is your pediatrician?" answer with their name. Done! Our baby doctors group does rounds at our hospital.
  2. Install car seat. All you preggos out there driving coupes, my heart goes out to you. I was stuck in my teeny backseat wedged behind the drivers seat for ten minutes with no one to rescue me. The garage was closed and it was raining causing raging hormones to overheat and my overhead light turned off. So there I was - stuck in a sweaty frizzy car-cave. Helpful Hubby noticed I was gone for awhile and eventually laughed his hiney off saved me.
  3. Get car seat installation inspected. I implicitly trust that paramedic certified in car seat installation inspected my hard work believes I am crazy, but did a good job.
  4. Flu shot. Ugh, but it protects me and baby. Talked with OB who said not only will it protect me from another plague attack and the antibodies I make will be passed on to Super Baby.
  5. Wash baby's clothes. We have about 300 pounds of very tiny clothes to wash - I really dislike doing laundry, but I hear I will be chained to the washer when baby comes. Might as well get used to it.
  6. Register for Daycare. This is going to be so hard for me. I cried when I pulled into the parking lot, but pulled it together before I walked in the building. Put the check into daycare just five minutes away from work, so I can drop in constantly at lunch to steal feed him.
  7. Pack hospital overnight bag. That will stay unused and then repacked 50 times before we actually do use it, or more likely forget it at home instead of bring to hospital.
  8. Stock up the diaper bag. I truly have no idea if I really need three pacifiers, a swaddler, two burp rags, four newborn diapers, a pack of wipes, two onesies, a hat, a pair of mittens and a pair of socks that look like Adidas shoes... but I have them all crammed in there. I will do a diaper bag post soon and then perhaps a follow-up to prove how wrong I was after the baby is born.
  9. Apply for Maternity Leave and discuss Insurance. Hubster is allowed for more paternity leave than me! But he is only taking two weeks to keep an eye on his projects, while lil mama will be taking all six. As soon as he is born, Henry James will be on Daddy's insurance. Check and check!
  10.  Be patient! This is going to take a lot of work. I can pretend to be patient and perhaps trick myself in to waiting peacefully for Baby Henry to make his move. Also must learn to accept that I do not have control of when he comes. Aggggh!


Monet said...

U look very beautiful pregnant! I had a list when I was pregnant too, but fortunately a day before I was gonna pack my bag & get ready for my son my water started leaking...& I went into labor. It's always best to do things early like u are doing. In the future for my next child I'm definitely doing things super early !!! The worst is feeling unprepared.

La Dolce Vita said...

You look great!!!!! and you've inspired me to start getting prepared too :) So much to do!

Shirley said...

You can do once a week laundry if you have enough clothes!