Monday, December 26, 2011

False Start

I woke this morning with a bang! More like waves of nausea, cramps, actual barfing, and severe contractions, one right on top of the other. This was my first foray into labor, kids. It will not be a pretty thing when the real deal comes down, let me tell you.

After about an hour of pain and my sweet Hubster stroking my forehead (with arguably the happiest, most excited grin on his face), I was finally able to relax and my stomach stopped tensing and the nausea subsided, I napped.

That is what I get for telling everyone that I would not be in the hospital on Christmas. The day after Christmas? We are waiting to see if the morning's excitement leads to any real happenings.


Monet said...

I thought it would be like that when I went into
Labor but it was quite the opposite I had a slow leak which my doctor mistook for discharge. I thought it was nothing until I noticed it was more frequent then I went to the hospital and they ran a test and found out it was amniotic fluid & I was in labor...35 hours later my little boy was never comes when you expect it lol...when are you due? I hope you had a great Christmas !

Monique said...

The baby is due in 3 weeks, so he is considered full term. I was so freaked out from the pain and the suddenness I was crying about not being ready to have the baby. Shawn just asked what else I need to be ready. I said new socks. Clearly, I was not mentally prepared.