Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh Postal Service and your sneaky ways!

My mother sent us a big ol' box of Christmas gits wrapped lovingly (she can't stand wrapping, so I know there was love involved in the process) in scarlet paper tied with green plaid bows. The postal service ran over the box with a truck, but it in a new box and laid it at our doorstep as if nothing happened. It was a ding dong ditch delivery. Having called Mom and asked her about her packaging methods, she insisted that we open the presents, even though it was Christmas Eve, to make sure they all were there. Behold! Our smashed presents, and the giggles we had while opening them.

The apology was the first clue that something was amiss

All the boxes were crunched without care
Please tell me this wasn't glass

Just slightly wrinkled, but still spectacular
Nightshirt for the hospital and a disaster of wrapping paper (we open presents like toddlers)
You can destroy our parcels, post office, but you can't even come close to dampening our Christmas spirit!


Kendra said...

My package from my mom arrived in a very similar condition and 3 days after Christmas. Such a bummer :( Glad nothing was damaged!

Sweet Surrender said...

I cant believe that! That sucks! Hope everything was still good!

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See you there!

Anonymous said...

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