Monday, December 5, 2011

Walking Egyptian in Milwaukee

On Monday the 7th of November Shawn's parents, his brother Jamie and we the expecting trekked to Milwaukee, WI for the afternoon. We ate at a Greek burger joint called Omega. I devoured my feta-less gyro while Shawn noshed on a Reuben and the others ate burgers. Its amazing that I can recall what we ate a month ago, but I forget what a refrigerator is called ("that machine we put milk in that keeps it from getting hot and stanky" was my most recent catchphrase-appropriate entry).
We drove around downtown searching for a parking spot that would actually fit an SUV only to park a few yards from where we initially entered the garage (isn't that always the case? no? well... moving on). Into the Milwaukee Public Museum we went. My Arizona Science Center membership has reciprocity with MPM so bang! We only had to pay the entry for one of us. Anddddd is got us discounted entry to the Cleopatra exhibit, too!
Cleo was fascinating! I wanted to take pictures of everything, but museum employees were everywhere. Blast! In reality I was seriously impressed with their knowledge of the exhibit. I am a museum nerd for sure and could have talked with one particularly informed staff member for hours. In a nutshell, this exhibit is brand spanking new. The artifacts were all discovered and recovered from the Bay of Alexandria in the last 15 years. The objects have taught researchers even more about Cleopatra's life, loves and her reign as they were preserved for centuries underwater. Fascinating and beautiful! I highly recommend anyone in the Milwaukee area to take a tour before the exhibit moves on to it's next destination.

The rest of the museum takes you on an anthropological tour of the world, primitive man, and turn of the 20th century Milwaukee (this being my particular favorite exhibit hall which allows you to peek into store fronts and homes of the the different nationalities who immigrated to Milwaukee). The first floor has a rain forest, dinosaurs and wooly mammoths, and a Butterfly Garden. I was hot flashin' all over the place in there with all that humidity and mist. Apparently the butterflies didn't mind that my forehead and lip were sweating and that my hair was plastered to my scalp. They came to me like forest creatures to a singing Snow White. I am the mariposa whisperer.

We dashed off to have dinner with Grandpa Charles in Menomonee Falls. I love this man as if he were my own blood relative. He cracks me up. Asking if we had decided Henry's middle name, we told him that we settled on James. Without missing a beat, he said, "I guess Charles didn't make the cut."  Love him!
The Family G

And that concludes my trip to the Midwest that I should have cleared with my doctor before embarking on :) tee hee!

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