Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Room With a View

of the Neighbor's house (so we keep the curtains closed).

Henry's dream land/paradise/haven/special place is coming right along. His crib is put together (thank Family G for gifting us his sleeping space and mattress), complete with "safe" bedding - a breathable bumper with sheet that attaches to the entire perimeter eliminating gaps - no pillow and no blanket and no toys and basically no fun and no suffocation. He does have a sleep sheep (Thank you Aunt Susan and Uncle Bob) attached to one end and a mirrored pulley flippy play toy attached to the other.

The glider has been broken in as I have read several novels that in no way prepare me for parenting and half of a book on how to get babies to sleep when they are doing a four-alarm scream session at 3am. I bought the incredible owl pillow from a seller on

The curtains are hung. They are Eclipse Curtains in a super bright lime green that when closed during the daytime make our flat white walls look like a light cucumber shade - bonus! Purchased from Wal-Mart on sale for $25.00 for both.

The dresser/changing station (a shower gift from my beloved Grandma Mary) is stocked with diapers and wipes and about 300 onesies and tiny little outfits (from so many friends and family). The hutch was built on Friday with his Little Golden Book Collection (courtesy of my darling little golden sister), my first bible (from my parents on my baptism), his first prayer book (from Grandma Mary complete with a letter to Henry that had me crying for about an hour) and the beginnings of his extensive library from my friends and family).

His toy chest is stuffed with plenty of stuffed animals, baby puzzles, stroller/car seat toys, and blocks both rubber and wood. I actually had this chest since my freshman year of college. It has stored everything from linens, sweaters, guest blankets, holiday decorations and has acted as a coffee table on more than one occasion.

All we need is a bright orange rug and plenty of wall hangings, which I plan on crafting up soon. The adorable gator wall organizer that brings a gator-like grin to my face is a present from our besties, Lindsey and Adam in Houston.

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Nicole P said...

Amazing Monique. Such a perfect little nursery. :)