Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last Christmas as a Twosome

The eve before Christmas Eve was a lovely evening with a late start. We each had taken too long naps and missed a hockey game we had received comp tickets to, but we didn't let that get us down. We opened up our newest game, The Game of Life. I dominated the whole game until the very end when my little red car of a mommy, daddy and baby boy landed on ridiculous items (pay 35,000 for a home gym, a 25,000 art collection, 65,000 for a butler and a maid - so different is my actual life) but still allowed me the retiring comforts of Millionaire Estates. I beat a bewildered-when-he-doesn't-win Hubster by only $10,000. Booyah!

That was the end of that game. We stuffed the 1,000 pieces into the box and pulled out the old game of strategy, Uno! This wasn't Hubby's night as I swept him in that game, too for the first hour and a half. I ended up winning by only 7 points, but I still won. I don't have a competitive bone in my body, but watching him squirm was just as much fun as playing in the first place.
An Xmas Eve Surprise (posting about this tomorrow)

Christmas Eve was spent at church with a wonderful and moving service. We really enjoy the church we have found and can't wait to become members. Each Sunday, we leave the parking lot feeling uplifted and whole. It is amazing how sometimes you don't know how much you needed something until you bring a taste of it back into your life. After church we made it to Kohl's to get Hubs a few presents. I am struggling being on my feet for too long and am constantly surprised at how easily exhausted I become. Fondue for dinner! Our Christmas Eve tradition!
Honeycrisp Apple, Summer Sausage, Baguette, Onion

When I dip, You dip, we dip
Christmas Day brought with it cheer and joy that only such a blessed day can provide. Bread and Butter Pudding for Breakfast followed by  present opening. Shawn loves his new leather jacket, shoes and Kenneth Cole watch that I gave him. I spent all day playing with the iPhone he got me and dreaming of the day i will be able to squeeze into the shirts he bought me, too. Later that night we put on real clothes and makeup for me and saw Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. While it may not be a Christmas classic; it was very intense and very good.
Bread and Butter Pudding breakfast

The Mommy Milker/Booby Juicer from Shawn

Our family photo

How the dog spent the entirety of the holiday

Armful of Philosophy Gingerbread Girl products (Remster wanted to eat it)

A very Cubbie Christmas
Hope everyone had a great day just as we had. May your new year be showered in many blessings!

The Family G!

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