Friday, December 16, 2011

Delivery Room Dilemma

He's the Sweet and Silent Type

I have recently become aware that my fur-st born baby-dog can come to the hospital. I immediately became elated at the idea of having all of my brown-eyed boys with me and Henry. I have since been begging Hubby to let me dress Remy up in an "I'm a Big Brother" tee shirt and glasses and have him in the delivery room. He can cheer me on and snuggle with his human brother and kiss my hand when I need encouragement.

Hubby is in a place of "no" right now. I am in a place of pushiness and perseverance.

We shall see who comes out on top of this one.  Potentially crazy pregnant woman v. Level headed engineer who would have to wrangle adorable pup...


{[Future Mrs.]} said...

I am all for taking Big brother to the hospital with you!! that is the sweetest idea ive heard. Hopefully your hubby warms up to the idea of bringing him along.

carrie-nyland said...

It will be madness in the delivery room and you will be screaming and that might really scare just gets so intense and even with an epidural I was a screaming banshee Berkeley and bobo would have gone what is comfortable for you :-)

Kylee Noelle {blog} said...

hahaha that's a great idea! hopefully your hubby caves :)

--Kylee Noelle