Thursday, December 1, 2011

So Long November

It has been a month since I blogged last. Where the heck have I been, you have been silently wondering.I have not had my baby. He still clinging to my ribs and bumping around all morning and night. I still and trucking away at my job. I still have the great fortune to be married to a man who makes my skin tingle when he walks into a room. Not much has changed aside from an aversion to the computer.

I will be posting some photos from November in a very short series to show you exactly what I have been up to. A trip to Crystal Lake, IL and an afternoon in Milwaukee; a visit with my beloved cousin Brooke, two baby showers, my 28th birthday, a birthing class during which I watched another birth, a dreaded cold that feels like the plague, awasp sting, and a glorious Thanksgiving that my family drove many many many hours to attend.

On this day, I have just over six weeks before Henry is born, and the panic is setting in. Its a good panic though, I promise.

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