Thursday, August 25, 2011

All Shook Up

I missed my first earthquake. All the world around me experienced the trembling of August 24. 2011 and I missed it. I mean, I was there, and all, but... nothing. This is another example of not knowing enough about my new home. Shameful. I had no idea that Upstate South Carolina could feel earthquakes or that just a few hours south has one serious fault line. Hubs, fully aware that his brain is the sexiest thing about him, explained that when he has to design buildings in our are he has to account for these fault lines at similar levels to the building he constructed in Arizona and California. I oversimplify because I get all googly eyed when he talks engineering to me and my ears only hear "smart, smart, brainy, handsome, omigosh, so smart."

Greenville is in the county just left from where 1913 is written (It is the eye of the hamster I see when I look at SC on a map)
I was on the phone with a client when my cube-mate asked me if I "felt something just then." I honestly thought he was prepping for a punch line, but his face looked too serious. "You didn't feel that?" He called over to my boss to ask if she felt anything. He thought his blood sugar was giving him the shakes (we thought he might have been going cray-cray). As soon as he popped back in the office after grabbing a soda from the cafe, he saw all the 'quake messages on facebook. He wasn't losing his marbles and I missed the shaking.

Man, never did I think that earthquakes would shake up lil Greenville, SC. With all the afternoon matinee performances Baby is doing plus all the bubbles in my tummy all the time (you preggos know what I'm talking about), I could have mistaken some of that action for the Tremble of 2011.

There were frames askew all over the region.

And speaking of Natural Disasters and my close proximity to them... My Hubs, my Mother-In-Law and her two sisters, and Remy and Me and fetus will be trekking to Charleston to enjoy a good Hurricane this weekend. My guess is that they just don't "get" how much I dislike driving into a hurricane. Been there, lived through and cried through the damage when I saw my old neighborhood leveled. The only saving grace is that the Weather Report predicts that Hurricane Irene will stay at sea past South Carolina beaches and then wreaking havoc on North Carolina's outer banks.

Come On Irene! Too-Loo-Rai-Ay! Please just go a-way!

Whatchu got, nature? We've had freak hail, severe wind gusts and rain up the wazoo. Now you're piling on the 'canes and'quakes. 

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