Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The back alley by the dumpster is haunted

At least according to our Greenville Ghost Tour guide, it is. Shawn surprised us (his Mom and his Aunt) with a ghost tour this Friday evening. We started off at the Army/Navy store in The West End and walked all the way through Main Street past The Westin Poinsett to Springwood Cemetery. We circled back a bit to a couple buildings that had unfortunate mishaps occur there. Nothing spooky, nothing chilling. I was, in fact, hoping to step into a "cold spot" so I could have a little relief from the stifling heat. A cold spot is allegedly a pocket of air that has spirit activity as spirits can draw from the energyof the air, thus cooling it down, or some jazz like that. It was fun trekking through downtown listening to the guide discuss the current hauntings that permeate Greenville's most popular spots. I can't wait to do a more historically-oriented tour in Charleston one day.
The haunted back alley and this lil mama's backside since Cubs shirt rode up

Downtown Greenville at Night - no ghosts to be seen
No orbs, no spirits, no spooky anything, just pretty ol' GVL

Springwood Cemetery

Is that an "orb" or reflection from a streetlight
If I were a ghost, I could think of hundreds of better haunts than a boring cemetery

I love a good ghost story. I devoured spooky stories as a kid and continue to read them as an adult. I watch the ghost story tv shows (not the ghost hunters or the psychic mediums; those people make me uncomfortable and squirmy, and I tend to think they're all swindlers) and simply must see all ghostly movies in the theaters. I don't believe in ghosts, but I do believe in the possibility. I think God is one creative power and anything is possible, really.

Above is a quick video showing the only curious thing on the tour. A blue glass globe is moving all by itself in the gift shop of Liz Daly's store. The AC isn't on and nothing else is shaking. I will take proper credit as the person pointing it out. Hubs is the cameraman and the voice you hear is our guide.

Super excited to see The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe. Gives me chills. Yes!

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Shirley said...

I like ghost stories, but tend not to watch/read them because I am a weenie and start getting afraid of the dark. Heh.