Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love Letters on a Friday

A little bit of love before breakfast
 I wrote the Husband a lil love letter rambling on and on about how grateful I am for everything he does for me and the pup (and the little one inside). I took up most of a sheet from a legal pad, poring my current reasons for loving him as I do.

Shawn does a lot for us and has taken on responsibilities that, quite frankly, I am just no good at (i.e. keeping track of finances, getting refunds from companies because I ALWAYS fold, doing everything in the garage because I'll pass out from the heat, and telling people "no" because I will always say "yes, and is there anything else I can do for you," etc.) He really does things before I could ask him to do it and does them because he cares. He still gives me butterflies after all the years we've been together (we've been dating since fall 2003 and moved in together in 2005) whenever he walks into a room.The best parts of my day are kissing him before he leaves for work and kissing him as soon as he gets home...

Blech! Mushy Stuff! Get a room with your schmoopy selves!

I try not to get all googly-eyed. This is like watching PDA, but reading it and feeling equally awkward. Where I do I look? Can I close my eyes and still read? Nah. I just feel that it is important to let your special someone know that you love them and appreciate everything they do for you; little things can slip by without a thank-you and a hug. Every once in awhile I write it down, stream-of-consciousness style on legal paper, napkins, paper towels, receipts, whatever is nearby for him to read when he has a moment. It is easier to focus on a piece of paper and scrawled notes sometimes than it is to listen to your wife's voice. He hasn't said that, people, but I know when he tunes it out ;)

When I handed it to him this bright and shiny morning, one hand on my Eggo waffle, I told him to take "this" and read it later. He asked what it was, looking at the scrunched up yellow paper in my less syrupy hand. I told him it was a cease and desist letter, then kissed him on his merry way. Later in the afternoon he emailed me that I made his day and that all he wants is just to take care of me. Joy! Blushing, infatuated giggly on the inside Joy! I came home to a beautiful bouquet of long stem magenta alstroemeria neatly arranged in a vase. Score! This man never buys flowers for no reason! Hello romance, I am pleased to meet you. If we weren't already married with a honey bun in the oven, I'd think he was going to propose.

I am wishing you all a week's worth of romance and good spirits, as I'll be riding this wave of warm fuzzies for a lil while.

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