Friday, August 19, 2011

Everyday Epiphanies

Oh What a Week It Was! I spent the greater part of the week learning some things, some really big, some really small, and some that weigh a little less than seven ounces.

  1. I learned that I should draft up this post throughout the week because I forget everything I wanted to write immediately following my opener.
  2. I learned that trying to make new friends is a lot like dating. You have to scope out the room, sifting through the inhabitants, searching for someone you hope will be somewhat like-minded and open for conversation. There are uncomfortable moments before you sum up the courage to speak with the object of intended friendliness. Do I go over and interrupt conversation, or do I try to catch them alone outside the bathroom? You small talk about silly things "you like camping? I love camping but I secretly haven't gone in a year. You know, I love bread and beer. Do you like bread and beer?" when all you want is to cut to the chase "hey, are you taking applications for friends? I am as well and would like to sit with you over a coffee, interview-style. How's Thursday?" The worry if you do the unthinkable and ask for their number, will you get rejected, or an over enthusiastic, "yes, please take it and my email and my fax and my parent's house number in case I'm over there." It's a minefield for the timid. Good thing we're an outgoing couple.
  3. My FURST born, Remy, is sad that my Mom and little brother, Scooby, were only in town for a couple days. He's kinda depressed without all the extra affection and attention when we're at work. Remy finally was able to play with another wild woman who gets on her hands and knees to wrassle his hairy hiney, like his Mommy.
  4. I learnesd that my butt is competing with my bump to see which can stick out he farthest. It is a close call. The Happy little household over which I reign (hardly) will no longer be eating pasta three nights a week. 
  5. We learned that we are having a.... baby! Hahahahahaha. Nah I'm leaving that for a special post all on its own. Complete with ultrasound photos. Tune in Monday for a special report. (I was a journalism major in college. It feels so right to say, "Special Report.")


Bon Bon said...

Congrats on the baby! Such an exciting time:-) xoxo

Megan said...

Ahhhhhhhhh, a baby?! Congratulations!! Can't wait to read more about that!