Sunday, August 21, 2011

Feeling It

I felt the baby move.. A lot. It felt like gentle rolling in the right side of my tummy. I kinda liken it to waves crashing on a beach shore, one after another. Or series of bubbles being blown, taking a breath and then blowing another series of bubbles.

Little One was performing gymnastics just long enough for me to pounce on a sleeping husband and insist he try to feel our baby rock and roll. I don't know how well he could feel it, since I have an anterior placenta (it covers my belly acting like a mattress on the wall Hubby will be trying to feel through), but he said he could feel little jabs. Yes! I have been waiting for this moment!

At 19 weeks, our soccer player has started practicing his penalty kicks. Hooray!


Floating Bonnie said...

Agh, wish I was there sister!

Tunes and Spoons said...

I wish I was feeling our little babe!!! i have only felt her roll around a couple of times but I am waiting for those precious kicks to begin!! Congrats on your Little One too!!!

Connie said...

Oh how I miss that feeling!! After a while it'll get VERY obvious (: