Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Man in My Life

Yes, that's right. The fetus is a he-tus, not a she-tus. 
We are completely over the moon excited about the little man inside and can hardly wait (this is the first patience test since finding out that we'll be parents) to meet the little guy. We can already tell he has Shawn's big ol' feet and that he has about one million little bones (please hold as I take my calcium supplement with a glass of moo-juice). He also likes to sit really low in my abdomen, which accounts for most of my frequent potty breaks. And he may be a wee bit stubborn, which he inherits from both parents, as the sonographer had to jam me a few dozen times with that probey-tooly-thingy to get him to move in the right direction.

We also learned that we have a Single Umbilical Artery (SUA) which most people don't generally  know they have until the baby has burst forth from le womb. The life sustaining cord usually has two arteries and a vein. All this really means for us is that we have to monitor baby child's growth during the third trimester. SUA babies can be a little little when born since sometimes the blood flow through the cord can't keep up. It is nothing to worry about and the plus is that we get more ultrasounds. Baby Boy is going to love posing for the camera even before birth. That he gets from his Mommy.

Mom, Shawn, Scoobs and me sat in the room watching the video screen, waiting( for me to stop giggling and moving around when we could hear his quick lil heartbeat) to see his little features pop. A strong profile and long vertabrae with tiny hand curled toward his face appeared followed by a slightly uncomfortable looking skull (this was not a 3d scan that you can see faces, just bones and faint outlines). Such big eye sockets he has! His heart, kidneys, legs, feet, and then the goods. We couldn't really see what she was talking about so Daddy Shawn asked if we could see a better picture of his you-know (I followed up with, "We'd like to see undeniable proof.") and after a few jabs and shakes  Ba-bow! he's definitely a boy. I cried a little, my cried a little, and Shawn was beaming and shiny-eyed.
Baby's First Photoshoot

I could relive the ultrasounds everyday. Now I get to nearly every month. I can't wait to meet you little baby boy, but I guess I have to.


Summer said...

I'm so happy for you Monique! And our little price already seems to be quite the handsome little man!!!


Summer said...

Haha...above should say "your" little price!