Friday, August 26, 2011

Everyday Epiphanies

What's new this week?

  1. Try as I might, I will never like V8 juice. I need to eat more veggies. The he-tus has tastebuds already, ya know, and I don't want to start out as a poor model of behavior. Good thing he can't see the awful squinchy face I make whenever I try to down one of these supposed-god-for-you cans of eeeeeewwww. "Shoulda had a V8" tag line from commercial also plays on repeat in my brain as I choke it down. Blech!
  2. Something that is good... Ginger Ale. Always been a favorite beverage of mine. And I prefer it straight, thank you. Discovered this weekend that Ginger Ale is an "old person drink." Serrrrrrisllly? Watched a clip of "King of Queens" and "Everybody Loves Raymond" crossover episode, and Doris Roberts (the grandmother) thinks people should always have it for when they have company. Leah Remini's character said it is for old people. This comes as a suprise to me, but apparently to anyone who knows me and then helpfully reminds me of my nickname "Grandma Momo." Hhmmph.
  3. Also... the MAN will always find you. You cannot hide. I have been receiving AARP pamphlets, end of life planning informational mailers, coersive letters from life insuarnce companies telling me that I am leaving my family without a safety net, and Neptune Society newsletters (Cremation Society letters) for years! We are talking since I turned 21 people! I am only 27!!! I moved to South Carolina hoping that these people who want me to kick the bucket (or at least plan for my ultimate demise) would lose me. Nope, I recieved my first life-planning reminder yesterday. I want to live!
  4. Broken sandal at work can lead to broken dreams. For a child celebrating a birthday this weekend since my broken shoe led to a trip in the middle of Publix Supermarket which led to 2 lilac cupcake trays flyng through the air crashing to the ground. Pride, you have been humbled. Publix bakery lady, thank you for not laughing or sneering as you re-made twnety four lilac cupcakes with spinkles. The five-year-old and her mother (and this party coordinator) appreciate you!
  5. My dreams often have soundtracks. Today that soundtrack would not fade. Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax" played over and over as I did everything. Walking from my car to the office, climbing stairs to the admin offices of the museum, preparing steamed mussels for Shawn, my Mother in Law, Karen and her sister, Cherie, I even sang a little bit to my dog as he was doing his doggie thing outside in the yard. And now you can have it in your head:

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