Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Making Decisions

Today was the day we built our registry. I know what you're thinking, "Registry wasn't built in a day! Impossible!" Au Contraire, mon amis. We spent a ridiculous FOUR HOURS at Buy Buy Baby Saturday afternoon. Holy cow! There is a lot of merchandise in that place! And everything is absolutely key in the survival and comfort of our sweet little baby.

Saturday felt like bye bye sanity

It started off lovely as most registry outings go, having just shared a caesar salad and pizza rustica at Brixx Wood Fired Pizza (a hungry couple is a cantankerous couple). We oohed and ahhed over the little layettes. We giggled and scanned a fuzzy footed onesie that looked like a polar bear (a particular favorite of Mommy). He even brought over the bottle drying rack that looks like grass that he knew I wanted. It was beautiful all the way through the bottles and pacifiers and even part way through the diapers and butt cream sections. We hit the cribs and bedding section and the fatigue set in. We were only halfway through!
Begging for a hug

He nearly passed out from sticker shock (rightly so, I think) of the adorable four piece bedding sets. "So, wait a minute," he says to me. "This [$380 set] doesn't include anything that is in this entire area? Its a $400 set of three foot sheets? Why?! How can they do this?!" Righteous indignation gives me heartburn and I had already performed hours of pre-registering research to protect myself from this discomfort. Husband was not so prepared, unfortunately.
Little One's Bedding

Because we can't paint our rental house, Little One's bedding and furniture will have to act as the statement of the room. I do not like "cutesy things" with characters all over them (I should probably just suck it up since I have another 18 years of "characters" of all shapes and sizes coming my way) and have a slight aversion to stuffed animals. We chose NotNeutral's Arbor Friends because the little owl on it was as cutesy as I was going to get and I love green. Fully fleshed out discussions were held over every item scanned (except for the lamp and rug I added whether he liked them or not- tee hee!).
 We also agreed on a travel system that only weighed 30 lbs all together since I am a wimp and cannot imagine lifting a normal 40 lb. stroller in and out of my trunk. We turned in the scanner and took our goody bag and cheered up as he took my hand and told me he loved me.
This lil fun bag contained a pacifier, a 4 oz bottle, lotions and potions, a bib and a whole bunch of stuff.

We came, we scanned, we conquered, only to go home and price match what we registered at against what was on Amazon.com and moving items according to the best price.

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