Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Epiphanies

Good Day to you my blog reading friends. Behold my momemts of hmmmmmm from the past week:

  1. I may begin calling the fetus fantasticus "meatball" because after eating a fabulous Italian spaghetti and meatball dinner with holy-cow garlic bread, the preggo belly looks huge! Some days it just looks like said dinner was chowed down upon and other days, actually looks like a person is being created in there. Meatballs it is... at last for dinner.
  2. If I am tired, I should just hoist myself up and take a walk with Happy Hubby. It wakes me right up and I treasure the time just spent talking with him, and being pulled all over the neighborhood by Remy.
  3. Still on the fence about Remy being sprayed by Hubba Hubba Hubby with fabric febreze for pet odors and preferring the smell but being horrified that Hubs soaked the stinky pup with chemicals. The offending puppy musk has been destroyed and now he is transformed by the chemicals into a super powered hero dog with skills a la Spiderman... that would be the best possible scenario.
  4. Super excited to plan our rip to Charleston when Mom-in-Law and Aunts in Law come to visit next week! Atlantic Ocean plus Southern gorgeousness? Yes, please!
  5. Mini marathons of ghost stories and murderous women shows makes a delightful evening of television. Every night of the week. I know its weird, but I like it and Shawn watches with me. We used to go to haunted houses each fall and watch all the scary movies that come out in the theaters. Happiness is ominous tones as background music and a Vincent Price sounding voice over. Should a pint of Half Baked Haagen-Dasz make an appearance... that would be bliss.

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