Thursday, October 20, 2011

Apple Picking Perfection

We trekked to the hills of Eastern North Carolina to Sky Top Orchard for some incredible apples. I have never been to an orchard. In Arizona and Florida we have "groves" of delicious citrus and I generally let someone else do the picking. I am not one for laboring.

However, I had the pleasure of devouring a couple of these tasty treats by coworkers who went earlier this season. Trust me, they were worth the hour drive from Greenville.

We walked down the highest hill this out of breath preggo will climb until after her baby's birth. There were only a few rows of trees that had any fruit left on them. Sure there were plenty of squashed and fermenting apples on the ground, but I craved the nature's bounty at the top!

Hubby climbed some trees after I tried to scramble awkwardly up a couple... unsuccessfully. We walked up the somehow even higher hill with our 13 pounds of granny apple and pink lady bounty. Okay, HunkaHunkaHubby carried the basket up as its wire handle kept cutting into my palms.

I try not to say this tooooo often but I cannot wait to incorporate this as a fall time tradition for our family. The animal pens, the bamboo forest, picnic tables, playgrounds and tractor-hayrides all gave us a thrill of excitement of what is to come.  

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Vandy said...

That's awesome:) Can't beat picking your own fruit straight off the tree!;) And thank you for your sweet comment!;)