Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Holy Hunting - The Search for Church

The Family G have begun a quest, a gholy quest of sorts, to discover the new home of our spiritual enlightenment and salvation. I admit that my physical body has not been in a church for way too many moons, but I pray everyday and I consider myself a spiritual person. I just have not been a church-y person. This is mostly due to being a more Laz-y person more preoccupied with sleep and/or pancakes than putting on pants and get my spiritual house in order.

Also, I have a vast library of excuses. Please email me if you need a rather creative one as I have have many tried and true excuses for just about anything.

Shawn was raised Catholic and I was raised Southern Baptist. This is a favorite excuse. Where can we meet in the middle? Is there even a middle between Southern Baptist and Catholic? We have finally taken the crusade seriously rather than just talking about how we should go to church and just do it.

This Sunday was the first church service we have ever attended together. We have been dating and/or married since 2003 so am suprised at this revelation. I'll admit that I spent some time stealing glances at my Yankee husband when the preach preached extra Southern with pronounced gesticulating and gave a few squeezes of his hand when I thought I heard someone speak in tongues a couple times.

While we may not have found "the one" on our first trip out, but if you have been to Greenville then you know that there are no shortage of options, and we have plenty of Sundays to explore. In all seriousness, we are excited to find that sense of comunity we had while we were growing up. Even more so when imagining our little baby growing up playing a shepherd in Christmas pageants and teaching us the songs we used to sing in Sunday School ourselves.


The Presutti's said...

Me and my husband are on the search for a church home too. Praying for you!

marla grace said...

i was raised baptist, and my husband was raised catholic. it took awhile to both feel at home at our church, but now we love it and are super involved. we know it's exactly where God wants us. so just keep looking and pray for God to show you where you belong!