Thursday, October 27, 2011

Third Trimester - Best Dr's Appt Ever

Went in for an Ultrasound to check Henry's growth this week (I got an extra ultrasound - boo yah). Why did I get blessed with an extra peek into my womb (side note: that word makes me shudder for some reason)? There was a little complication called a Two Vessel Umbilical Cord that may inhibit his growth (a single vein and a single artery have to do the work of a normal cord with two arteries and a vein).

His photo shoot went very well, twisting and turning for the camera, flashing a little leg here and there. His heartbeat is 140 beats per minute, his growth is a perfect 50%, his feet are still big, and his profile is still Gerber baby gorgeous. His cord, however, seems to have sprouted another artery! A Halloween time miracle, I tell you! The SUA is only a minor complication as it tends to require an earlier delivery and smaller babies, but we certainly wiped this complication out of there.
These are behind the roundhouse kicks I feel all day long

In other news, my blood pressure is down, my hemoglobin is up, weight gain is nil (a personal hallelujah - even though Dr. Walvoord says I shouldn't worry even if I gain 50 pounds - at which word I almost passed out and prayed that would not be the case for me), and I passed my Glucose Test with flying colors. My finger still hurts from the hemoglobin finger-prick test, but I'll take it.
okay this one looks a little Halloweeny - Henry has good bones :)

Hooray for a good day! Tonight we're celebrating by chowing down on Caramel Apples with Reese's Pieces. No diabetes? Bring on the Sugar!


brenda said...

So sweet! We love Henry already!

Vandy said...

Yay!!!!!! So cute!!! :) :)

Shirley said...

Nice - the profile ultrasounds are fun to look at. I gained like 45 lbs and it's pretty much all gone now, so it's okay! Not that I tried to gain that much . . . Heh.

MellyB said...

Ahhh, extra ultrasounds are like winning a little prize. I hand a tiny little complication so we got them every appointment. It was a total silver lining. Cute!

Kelley said...

Hurrah for babies and third trimesters and unforgettable moments of cold jelly induced euphoria! Getting lots of pictures is always good!
Congrats, thanks for stopping by my place! will be checking in often!

Sandy said...

Such a Blessing from God !!!!

Anonymous said...

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