Monday, October 24, 2011

Glucose Test - Take 2!

27 Weeks... Bun in The Oven while Baking in My Apron
I am shaking in my sugar coated boots! Just kidding. I really don't think I have Gestational Diabetes. My doctor agrees with me, too. Only a lab technician can tell, though. On Wednesday I had my three-hour Glucose Test  There was no way I was looking forward to the test. Three hours! After fasting for over 12 hours! I packed up my latest library book, a gigantic water bottle, and a tummy full of patience.

It was my lucky day! There were only two doctors in the office, so a few rooms were open and one had my name on it! Sweet! I had privacy to read my not-very-engaging book, browse two Good Housekeeping magazines and rest on top of one of the exam bed/table/things. I left the stirrups down, thank you very much, as I cozied up under two cotton hospital gowns to keep warm.

Here is what to expect if you find yourself having to take this test, too.
  • No eating past midnight the night before your test (the last thing I ate was dinner at 7pm).
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your veins popping - you don't want to be stuck more than necessary.
  • Bring reading or at least listening materials and a sense of good humor. Three hours doesn't go quick.
  • The phlobotomist will prick your finger to test your sugar level and then take a vial of "fasting" blood. 
  • You will then drink up the glucose drink that is TWICE as sweet as the one used for the screening test.
  • You have five minutes to do this and Do not throw up, as if you could help it, or you'll have to do this all over again!
  • An hour later you will be back in the chair for your second, an hour after for your third and then the last hour for your fourth vial.
  • If you are a delicate flower, like me, you will have a bruised fingertip and sore elbow crooks. I am one tough mama and can handle it, I assure you. 

And then you wait for results. Oh the waiting! How un-sweet it is!


Connie said...

Oh man. I'm crossing my fingers for ya! You look so cute!

Laura Darling said...

Oh no! Hope you get good results!!

Megan said...

Sounds like there has GOT to be a better way to do this!!!! Your picture is SO SO cute!

La Dolce Vita said...

How did I miss this post? That is so re-assuring. I feel sure I will pass as I only failed the one today by 12 points {and realized I did maybe have a little too much sugar yesterday. oops} but it's the waiting that is going to be so "un-sweet" like you said. Ugh, oh well at least I'll remember to take a book and maybe can get some rest like you said. Thanks for the post! Glad you passed and you look so cute. Congrats to you!