Thursday, October 13, 2011

Atlanta Chili Cook Off

Yes! I finally have my camera back so I can show you a little fun we had at the Atlanta Chili Cook Off a couple of weeks ago. We took the two hour trek to Stone Mountain for some yum-time. I certainly was not blown away by any of the dixie cups of chili served. It was quite warm outside but somehow the many of the chili cups were chilly. The smokers were out in full force and the port-a-potties should have been set on fire, not exactly a super-nose's paradise.

Desperate for a good time, we made the best of it. We hunkedred down, listened to the tribute bands serenade the masses and watched various fathers chase around their scampering sons. We spent the better parts of two hours on our little patch of grass laughing and chatting. It felt so good to be with our friend, Tyler, and just being outside.

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Ashley said...

what a great time!!