Friday, October 21, 2011

Greek Dining

After our apple orchard afternoon, Hubster treated me to some Greek food. I love, love love me some Greek food. ***An aside...There is a restaurant in Phoenix called Greekfest that I cannot recommend enough for those of you who still live there.*** Shawn purchased an Entertainment Book from a coworker on behalf of her son who is selling them as a school fundraiser. One of the buy one-get one coupons was for Acropolis Greek & Italian Restaurant on Wade Hampton in Greenville. I immediately though, "Jackpot!"

I am a gyro meat fiend! I blot it with napkins to ease up some of the greasiness before I dive in. Benefitting from my delicate condition, Shawn ate up all of my feta (and pepperonchini and olives) and I snuck an extra piece of gyro meat from his plate.

It wasn't very busy - we were the only patrons there at five p.m. until we paid our bill, when a family of six came in to dine. The food was good - actually the gyro platter and greek side salad were good, as we both ate the same thing. Hopefully this little restaurant can drum up more business, so we can keep coming back for more!


Anonymous said...

That food looks so good! And it looks like you had so much fun apple picking (post below), they are beautiful pictures!!

Have a great weekend!


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

that food looks absolutely incredible!!!!! i wish i wasn't so hungry right now. i need some of this immediately!!
xo TJ