Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Traditions - Dressing Up

I am linking up with Casey at The Wiegands for Follower's Fest to talk about some of my favorite Halloween Traditions. Thanks for stopping by!

Last year, Shawn and I wore my favorite costumes - The Sailor and Nurse from V-E Day ("The Kiss") photograph from Time Magazine.

The only thing I haven't made a decision on is my costume. We aren't attending a Screaming Soiree this year, opting instead to pass out candy to the neighborhood kiddies. When I suggested to my dear Hubby that I dress up as a crazy person because I feel like I lost my dang mind. He laughed and said, "Yeah, I can't argue with you there." Hmmph. My hormones may have gotten the best of me this week (a bottle of non-toxic cleaner may have flown across the kitchen earlier) and I may not remember the "name of that thing you stand in and get wet with soap." That really came out of my mouth, my baby is stealing all of my brain power from me.

Perhaps a Mama Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde? The Incredible Shrieking Woman? Good Old Fashioned Witch? How about Hungry? I AM that costume.


Monet said...

I saw your blog on October fest ! Love your costumes from last year very original....I remember being pregnant not too long ago...seems like when u get to the third trimester time just sllllloooowwws down...I wish u the best of luck ; )

Isabel Harris said...

Thanks for stopping by! Such a cute blog & such a cute photo! So exciting that you're expecting! I already feel like i've lost my mind at most times so it should be scary whenever we decide to have kids!