Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Card Carrier

I am a Greenville County Library System Card carrier. I got my library card two weeks ago and have already finished my second book. Boo-yah! I even liked both of them. Double-yah!

The first novel I just grabbed off the shelf. I totally judge books by their covers. What of it? Anywho, the cover looked kind of eerie in all of its deep greens and blacks and big, gnarly tree and lonely little boy. As soon as I cracked it open, I knew it was a good pick. I have good luck walking the stacks and borrowing the third book I glanced at.

The Stolen Child by Kieth Donahue is a rich and engaging read. I really can't remember a book like it that I have read. It tells the storiesof two Henrys (it made it even more fun to read a book whose main characters' name is the same as my baby's), one is a precocious little boy who ran away one day only to never see his family again and the other is the changeling who took his place, living the true Henry's life as the real Henry lives the life of a changeling. Both Henrys feel as if they are missing something -  their pasts and their true identities, and their respective journeys to make themselves whole and happy. Sounds weird, but it was very well written and realistic - two things that get my literary motor purring.

The next one picked up after reading a list of good mysteries from the past few years. The Virgin of Small Plains by Nancy Pickard was a satisfying and quick read. I enjoyed reading the details of each character's life and the small town they live in. One night during a blizzard in 1987, a seventeen year old boy, his father, and his older brother discover the naked body of a beautiful woman in a pasture. The events that follow that night change the lives of those involved, and those believed to be involved. In 2004, a grown up Abby and Rex (the boy who discovered the body) find another body in a blizzard. The drive to solve the 1987 murder is reignited and the novel follows it to an eyebrow raising resolution.

I will review my third book soon, as I have three delightful and starving hours at the doctor's office for my Glucose Test today. Jealous?

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