Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Le Jour Onze
Favorite television shows

I work for a television station in Phoenix, a CW network affiliate actually, so clearly tv is something I take seriously in a not so serious way. My taste runs the gamut, really. Here is a sampling of my can't miss:

  • All time favorite channel is PBS (sorry employer, they show more documentaries and nature shows): Masterpiece Classic & Masterpiece Mysteries, Circus, and Ken Burns's special program, Nature, Rick Steve's travel shows and the list goes on
  • Favorite cooking show: French Food at Home with Laura Calder (I write down almost all of her recipes and vow to cook my way through her cookbooks)
  • Favorite procedural: Law and Order: SVU
  • Favorite reality: any of the Real Housewives franchise (super guilty pleasure)
  • Favorite dramas: House, Bones, and Fringe
  • Favorite guilty pleasures: Vampire Diaries (Thursdays on CW!)
  • Favorite comedy: 30 Rock and Talk Soup
  • Favorite talk show: Chelsea Lately
The list really can go on forever.

Listening to: "Playing God" by Paramore

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