Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Grateful Day

Just returned from Cortez, Colorado for the merriest of Turkey Days. Happy Husband and I gathered up My Little Remy and way too much clothes and headed north(east) for a holiday in colder climes. Our friends, H and S (and Lil' C), invited us to Shane's hometown to stay with his parents and we jumped at the chance.

And so... We took off, a merry bunch of three (one a bit fuzzier then the others).

We marveled in the splendor that is the desert landscape.
We ate until we were giddy.
We played until we could play no longer.
We faced off with wild, ferocious beasts.

We climbed every mountain (in our deepest slumber).

We blazed down the open road to open arms.Thank you for EVERYTHING

Joyeux Thanksgiving, mes chers!

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