Thursday, November 11, 2010

Challenged... again

Le Jour Cinq
My Siblings

It suffices to say that my parents raised a pack of maniacs! We are four equally rambunctious and intelligent people with four very different personalities and none of us can be pegged down as a certain way. Always surprising, always changing, always loving.

I am the oldest, then comes "Bubba", "Kid Sister" followed by "Scoobs." I am the shortest by six inches as seen in my wedding photos (and I am wearing five inch heels)! I am older than Bubba by about a year and a half, who is older than Kid Sister by a year and a half who is older than Scoobs by five years. They are sensitive and sweet, they will bend over backwards and give you the shirt off your back, they each love a fantastically good belly laugh and a bigger hug.

I am blessed to have such a tribe of interesting and brilliant people just a loooooong phone call away. I <3 My Family!

Listening to: "I Think I Like You" by Donora

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